Feed your horse


Feeding Your Horse
The best we can give our horses is the opportunity to eat foods that heal, nourish, and protect.  ‘Horse’ food is rich in fiber.  Without nourishing/whole/real food our bodies cannot thrive.
The horse’s digestive system was designed to have a steady flow of high fiber forage.   Yes, this means access to hay 24/7.

Stomach Acid
Unlike our stomachs, a horse’s stomach produces HCl (hydrochloric acid) 24/7.  If this acid doesn’t have a job to do it wrecks havoc on the lining of the stomach and then the rest of the digestive system.  
HCl has an important job:
 Protects horse from infection: First line of defense against various microbes.
Starts the process of protein digestion.
Activates enzyme activity.