Healthy Horses Have Healthy Feet

The Whole Horse

Hoof care is not only about the feet, its about the whole body!  Everything is moving  through a multi-layered network of connective tissue.  There are numerous processes going on all at once.  Glands secrete hormones which tell the body what to do in order to keep it alive.  This dynamic mix of messages is influenced by environmental toxins, pharmaceuticals, and management practices. 

Did you know Natural Balance Dentistry is essential to create a healthy hoof?  If you have long-standing hoof problems, perhaps a look inside their mouths will lead to some answers.  This is often overlooked.  Check out  Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry for more information.

It is critical to pay attention to the seemingly insignificant layers that build a healthy body.  We are happy to refer you to the appropriate holistic practitioner for your horse.

"Let food by thy medicine, and medicine by thy food" - Hippocrates

A low starch/sugar, non-gmo, pesticide-free grass hay with plenty of fresh water is the best foundation.  Simple, whole food is the key to properly caring for our domestic horses.  Algae is excellent at providing micro and macro easily assimilated by the body.  

Alfalfa is not horse food. If you must feed Alfalfa, feed no more than 10% of total daily intake.  Check out Safer Grass.  My favorite hay is Teff.  Teff is best described as a warm-climate Timothy grass hay. It has a very similar profile to Bermuda but consistently comes in lower in NSC (Non-Structural Carbs) along with a well-balanced mineral profile.  If you are feeding a metabolic horse, It is always best to have hay tested to make sure it's under 10% NSC  and has a balanced mineral profile. Important to note: excess iron is a big problem in Southern California. Please review my links page. There is a plethora of information on Iron toxicity in horses.