VibesUp - Plate Mat


VibesUp - Plate Mat


Vibrational Therapy for Your FOOD & BODY

Clears non beneficial energies from food & beverages, recharging them with healthy, balanced 1:1 frequency, returning our food to a bio available energy which means our bodies can absorb and utilize the food more efficiently. Some find balancing a plate on a charging coaster to be a bit of a challenge. We created these nice squishy plate mats as wonderful under the plate solution with many other uses. These are a great value as they contain about 3 times the size of a squishy square for close to the same price. 

12 Therapeutic Earthy Gemstones in an amplifying Liquid Crystal Formula with 80 Healthy Plant Oils Known for:

  • Helping Re-balance & Revitalize All Foods Including Processed & Microwaved Foods 
  • Health - Body Energy Treatments
  • Pain Neutralization
  • Grounding - Neutralizing Negativity & EMF
  • Mini Mud Wrap (Flatter Tummy) & more...(Grounding has been scientifically tested and proven to reduce inflammation)
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